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Posted by Strainu on March 31, 2006
Wordpress Extentions

Yesterday, WordPress announced the new widget plugin. You can find all you need to now about widgets here, so I’ll spare you the technical details.

Of course, the moment was too good to miss, so I decided to modify my favourite theme, Connections, in order to make it compatible with the new technology. You can download the new theme here.

Other modifications to the theme include a new backgroud. You cand revert to the old picture by following those steps:

  1. Go to the WordPress admin panel and login
  2. Select the Presentation tab, then the Theme Editor
  3. Select the Connections theme. The file that should be opened is site.css
  4. Search for a line that looks like this:
    background:#fff url(img/my_top.jpg) no-repeat bottom;

    and replace it with the following line:

    background:#fff url(img/top.jpg) no-repeat bottom;
  5. You’re done! 🙂
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6 Comments to Widget for the Connections Theme

  • Sam says:

    I tried it:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: adsense_deluxe_ads() in E:\www\vhosts\steinis.ch\httpdocs\wp-content\themes\connections\index.php on line 35

  • Strainu says:

    Yep, forgot to pull out my ads from the code. Will fix it. Many thanks for the feedback.

  • thomas says:

    Can you tell me how what you modified? I’m already running a modified version of connections and I’d like to add the widgets feature to my version of connections.


  • Thanks for posting the widget upgrade for Connections. I’ve loaded it in, and it works great! One trouble I’m having is that it seems to be treating the “Links” widget as a bulleted list. Any suggestions?



  • Hi there,

    I found a way to fix it–I downloaded “Linkblock Widget.”



  • Hello again,

    I’m using your theme and it’s working great. This morning, for no apparent reason, the theme reverted back to the default. It was easy for me to reset it to the Connections/Widgets theme, but does anyone have an idea about why this might have happened?


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